As of January 1, 2021, Praxidia became Teleperformance Knowledge Services, consolidating its role as a Customer Experience consultancy company within the Teleperformance group.

What we do

Teleperformance Knowledge Services is a consultancy business that takes a common sense, practical approach to helping businesses deliver industry leading customer experiences.


Four decades of operational experience and best-practice provide a rich source of expertise that can be shared with our clients. We understand pain-points and assess opportunities available to address them. We host collaborative workshops with key stakeholders where we take a design-thinking approach to finding solutions that result in the production of a ‘transformational roadmap’ that identifies both short and longer-term opportunities for enhancing customer and employee experience.


The business whose DNA includes speed and agility. Having a history where every interaction is critical and must be maximised every single day means that we take a non-traditional approach to consulting and keep the engagement nimble. Quick wins by day, week and month have the highest priority. Put simply, we listen to our client’s problems, find creative solutions, and then work with you to implement them and deliver value.


Everything we do is driven to deliver measurable business outcomes – and as such – we need to be with you to plan, measure and deliver. Underpinning our improvement programs is a huge range of services stress tested over time – from Operational Best Practice to Security Consulting to Data Analytics to Employee Management and Digital Transformation. We will help you to justify the essential changes in your organisation.

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