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Praxidia is a consultancy business that takes a common sense, practical approach to helping businesses deliver industry leading customer experiences.

Four decades of operational experience and best-practice provide a rich source of expertise that can be shared with our clients. We understand pain-points and assess opportunities available to address them. We host collaborative workshops with key stakeholders where we take a design-thinking approach to finding solutions that result in the production of a ‘transformational roadmap’ that identifies both short and longer-term opportunities for enhancing customer and employee experience.

The business whose DNA includes speed and agility. Having a history where every interaction is critical and must be maximised every single day means that we take a non-traditional approach to consulting and keep the engagement nimble. Quick wins by day, week and month have the highest priority. Put simply, we listen to our client’s problems, find creative solutions, and then work with you to implement them and deliver value.

Everything we do is driven to deliver measurable business outcomes – and as such – we need to be with you to plan, measure and deliver. Underpinning our improvement programs is a huge range of services stress tested over time – from Operational Best Practice to Security Consulting to Data Analytics to Employee Management and Digital Transformation. We will help you to justify the essential changes in your organisation.


Paolo Righetti

Chief Executive Officer

Paolo founded an analytics company in 1990 and joined Teleperformance in 1996 managing the CX Analytics and Research practices. He is passionate about AI-driven Innovation and Customer Experience. Paolo is today leading Praxidia globally, building the DNA of a smart and agile learning organization that effectively focuses on Business Transformation Optimisation to guide clients from uncertainty to knowledge and Value.

Alistair Niederer

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Alistair has over 3 decades of experience in developing business across the globe with the last 10 years specialising in customer experience management. He brings to Praxidia a wealth of experience gained from many years as a Teleperformance CEO which makes him well qualified to lead a team of design thinking business consultants assisting companies to make the customer experience be the best it can be.

Doug Overton

Vice President, Consultancy

Doug has worked in the specialist technical BPO field for 25 years, where he has developed a strong focus on analytics, operational improvement, knowledge-management, automation and digital transformation. Today Doug manages Praxidia’s consulting practice and service portfolio, applying essential design thinking and direction for our digital transformation programs.

Simon Dillsworth

Executive Business Partner

Simon has worked in Consulting, Business Development, and Global Client Management. He brings 20+ years’ experience of working in the BPO contact-centre space focused predominantly on helping clients to improve their customer experience and develop effective multi-channel customer CX strategies. Simon leads the engagement with Praxidia clients across the EMEA region.

Ian O'Donnell

Chief Operating Officer, North America

Ian has worked in Consulting and Professional Services Business development, leveraging BI and Predictive Analytics. He has Deep experience in Global BPO, SaaS and Digital Transformation Sales , Delivery and Operations. He has experience of managing and providing sales leadership to Sales teams responsible for OpenText Software, Digital Experience Managed Services, Cloud and Enterprise Software solution offerings.

Flavio Rosa

Head of Service Line

With 20+ years of experience in Consulting, Business Development and International Client Management, Flavio has deep expertise in large-scale business transformations as well as analytics and IT management; his major areas of competence are sales, customer operations and organization, go to market strategy, offering design, BPR, CRM platforms, adoption of new technologies.

Gianluca Bilancioni

Chief Financial Officer

I am a self-motivated and passionate person, with strong communication and negotiating skills. I like to learn and always try to better myself. I have worked in a range of businesses with multi-cultural scenarios, enabling me to gain valuable knowledge from a diverse background of employment scenarios both Operational and Financial. I thrive on change and I approach every opportunity with realistic optimism.

Nicola Aufiero

Head of Service Line

Nicola has been working in the market research industry with undiminished passion for almost 25 years. Working with highly-skilled professionals across multiple industry verticals and with ever-changing business needs, he has developed a solid ability to advise companies in making business decisions based on solid insights. Customer experience measurement, integration of analytics into marketing research, business innovation and transformation guidance are the key competences he has acquired during his career.

Gabriele Albani

Head of Service Line

Gabriele is responsible for the Praxidia’s Predictive Analytics Solutions.  He has worked in consulting, operations, IT and client management roles for more than twenty years in the consulting and BPO industries. He combines energy, enthusiasm, determination, team work, a make-it-happen attitude and methodical approach to reach challenging objectives. He has a strong track record of helping clients realize successful customer management initiatives.

Eric Klipfel

Chief Operating Officer, France

As an Expert in marketing, customer and retail relations, I realized during my 15 years of professional experience that there was only one marketing or commercial strategy to achieve the objectives: the recommendation by the customers.

Rafael Vieira

Global Head, Social Media

Rafael has advised and transformed Fortune 500 companies on how they can better design, implement and manage their customers’ digital experience. By leveraging career experience gained from Accenture, Ogilvy & Mather and social media technology start-ups, he has developed his skills in technology consulting and advertising. He is an expert in customer journey design and advising clients in their customer centric digital transformation strategies.

Marina Netto Campos

Global Head, CX Lab

Marina has 20+ years of experience in Strategy and Research across 3 continents in a variety of roles in the communications, financial services and consumer goods sectors. She is specialized in analysis of key verticals to understand major trends and conducts primary research to understand consumers´ preferences in order to disseminate this information internally and to clients. Marina speaks English, Portuguese and has a basic knowledge of French, German, and Spanish. She graduated with a degree in Economics and International Studies from Colby College and has an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Steve Ruszczyk

Head of Service Line

Steve has 25+ years of experience, leadership and expertise in business process reengineering and optimization as a technical business consultant providing professional services to executive management in major industries verticals. He has architectural and design leadership expertise for multi-vendor integrated solutions, providing innovative designs for optimizing operational performance, improving the customer experience producing measurable business outcomes.  In recent years his work has focused on directing the use of advanced analytics technology for speech, text and data analytics to understand interactions, behaviors and digital process flows and the effect analytical data has on reshaping business strategies.

Kurt Green

SVP Global Solutions & Sales Operations

Kurt has 20+ years of international business experience with a BPO focus working for companies across the globe. His procurement background with large global corporations, coupled with his bid management expertise within the contact center outsourcing arena, gives him the insight to build win-win relationships that meet both buyer and seller delivery and commercial objectives. He is an innovator in process design, decision modelling, stakeholder engagement, and business case development.

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