Building Technology With a Soul

Building Technology With a Soul

Humans have transformed at an exponential pace, moving from being an agrarian civilization to a global power, capable of providing quality of life to billions. As we enter the Industry 4.0 version, a new wave of technologies, built around cloud computing, AI and Machine learning have accelerated our quest to build richer, smarter and safer societies. These technologies belong to an entirely new class of equipment that improves and learns with time, rather than depreciating.

AI is mirroring human behavior to understand and apply information to skills, Big Data is ensuring advanced analytics, Blockchain is making operations more efficient, and Robots are becoming smarter to match human IQ, shrinking the gap between humans and machines. Together, these innovative technologies are allowing us to solve previously intractable problems.

While technology may be able to replicate Human IQ, can they mimic Human EQ too? The answer is No (at least for now). While a machine can perform a given task, often more efficiently, what it lacks is the empathy and that uniquely human ability to cater to the needs of an individual.

At Teleperformance we have skillfully adopted new age technologies like cloud, analytics, VR, AI, and RPA, combining it with a human touch. That’s our technology with a soul! We have developed advanced business models and omnichannel strategy which can digitally empower analog assets. Our cutting-edge IT infrastructure can manage and analyze millions of user interactions, deriving better consumer experience—all made possible by a concerted effort to put ‘People-First’.

With our HTAP (Human Resources | Technology | Analytics | Process Excellence) approach, we have cracked the equation of balancing innovative technology with a human touch.