Russell Davies

Frost & Sullivan Praises Praxidia For Innovation In CX

The leading international industry analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan, recently recognised Praxidia’s owner, Teleperformance, as their company of the year for the contact centre outsourcing industry in Europe. Teleperformance scored top marks with the Frost & Sullivan analyst team for leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development.

This is already exciting news, but the Frost & Sullivan team focused on Praxidia when announcing the award. Frost & Sullivan said: “Praxidia is an innovative approach to help customers thrive at a time of rapid technological change. Praxidia leverages Teleperformance CX Labs research and TP Analytics capabilities to determine how new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, analytics and machine learning will impact the customer service experience and transform the industry.”

This marks the second consecutive year Teleperformance has been recognized as the top company in its category for demonstrating excellence in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. It’s a great pleasure to see the Teleperformance team in Europe being recognised this way and to see the very specific mention of Praxidia as being one of the key ingredients of their success.

Frost & Sullivan analysts independently compared market participants and measured performance through in-depth interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry. They scored each company according to two key factors—Visionary Innovation & Performance and Customer Impact—and determined that Teleperformance is truly delivering unique value to customers and operating at a best-in-class level.

Teleperformance has garnered over 30 Frost & Sullivan Awards over the last eight years in every major region of the world and has been recognized for excellence in categories such as Customer Value Enhancement, Growth Excellence of the Year, Industry Innovation and Advancement, Market Leadership, Company of the Year, Outsourcer of the Year, Product Differentiation Excellence, Market Share Leadership, Competitive Strategy Innovation, Customer Service Leadership and Green Excellence. This includes winning the Company of the Year Award in all world regions.

“No other company in its space has been recognized with the variety, type and number of Frost & Sullivan Awards,” said Stephen Loynd, Digital Transformation Practice Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “We believe that Teleperformance achieved this milestone based on combination of its global footprint, a comprehensive customer contact solutions portfolio, strategic growth initiatives, excellent financial management, a unique security practice, deep industry expertise across geographies, customer service leadership and global best practices.”

It’s great news to see that Teleperformance continues to be recognised simultaneously as a leader in performance and delivery and innovation at the same time. The people on the team continue to do a great job delivering to clients in complex markets and it’s great to see that Praxidia is already such an important part of the Teleperformance story.

Photo by Russell Davies licensed under Creative Commons.