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How to bring the Patient Experience (PX) to the next level

What we experienced during the public health crisis of COVID-19 and the collected lessons learned, a strong push came out towards the innovation and digitization in the use of health services and supporting processes.

Healthcare providers are facing a strong and urgent need and demand to better structure their operational strategies, focused on a more informed, more connected patient who will increasingly require personalized and digital services that combine remote and hospital care.

There are several opportunities and in the different areas of the value chain of  patients’ and healthcare professionals’ experience. On one hand there is the need to optimize internal processes with the aim of reducing costs by improving and expanding the services offered and, on the other, interacting with a universe of increasingly digital customers.

Consumers of healthcare services / patients are ready to embrace new ways of care, to experiment with innovative healthcare solutions and to take responsibility for their own health through digital touchpoints.

Therefore, it is a matter of understanding how to organize an ecosystem based on applications in the healthcare field, while ensuring an efficient back office capable of making information available and easily accessible

Starting point and concerns to be addressed

This renewal process must necessarily start from a transformation of the patient’s experience, rethinking it with a holistic vision that integrates the physical and digital experience, reconciling home care, do-it-yourself and care in the facility. Now more than ever the best Patient Experience (PX) will win.

In addressing this transformation, health providers, both public and private, should not overlook 2 important challenges and gaps that emerged during the pandemic:

  • Trust: communications adaptable to the rhythm and extent of changing the context, centered on honesty and transparency on the care path (eg how, what, why)
  • Population health: scalable approach, based on data analysis, to improve the experience at the facilities and remotely for coordinated and patient-centered management

How to bring PX to the next level

Praxidia & Teleperformance act as a partner in support of Healthcare companies and institution worldwide in the purpose of enhancing patient and physician experience and keeping under control the overall cost to serve.

Based on several successful case studies in the industry with major players worldwide, a set of enablers (+15) have been developed and can easily deployed in a new organization.

Key solutions to be implemented for a successful PX transformation

  • Integrated omnichannel interaction management platform for voice, text and video chat, virtual assistants / chatbot and vocalbot for telemedicine and remote assistance, keeping an integrated history of the different interactions for reactive and proactive engagement actions
  • Process Automation with RPA and RDA for the efficiency of patient’s customer service and diagnostic processes, supported and strengthened by artificial intelligence and machine learing
  • Big data analysis and predictive analytics models to improve the quality of diagnostics, preventive care, experience and a better forecast of the necessary staffing
  • Continuous listening of patients and collection of feedback through surveys and development of integrated action plans aimed at personalizing the patient or improving organizational processes (inner vs outer loop)
  • Gamification and engagement to keep patients involved, encouraging them to follow the indications of the treatment

Healthcare & Pharma: our expertise

Over 25 years and more than 70 Clients: high-tech, high touch.

Praxidia and Teleperformance believe that the «human touch» is vital to strengthen the connection with the brand at purchase choice stage. This is our focus and our solutions strive for this ultimate goal.

And it’s by creating a perfect balance between technology & relationship, addressing a memorable and seamless CX, bound to strengthen the bond with Customers, making it distinctive and longlasting.

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