Delivering a customized solution for your digital projects

Delivering a Customized Solution for your Digital Projects

Maria Barroca

Digital Consultant at the Social Media Division Team, Teleperformance.



A US national rail operator, that connects America in safer, greener and healthier ways, with 21,000 route miles in 46 states, was looking to transform their customer experience on social media.

Aiming to improve its customer care experience, the brand understood the importance of having a good social media customer service, not only to support its customer base but also to create brand lovers. Identified this need, they decided to invest in a two-way conversation strategy: social media engagement.

With a simple customer care strategy for social media, the company was aiming to provide excellent customer care experience on social channels and to grow business by boosting brand awareness, by “listening” and “replying” to customers, so they could start creating a brand lovers community. The US rail operator was also struggling to have more visibility of the brand on its industry when compared with its main competitors.

Strategy and Solution

Initially, our team started with a Digital Assessment Report. Here we analyzed the brand in terms of strategy, technology, social media presence, and digital customer experience to deeply understand their needs and how exactly we could digitally transform their operation.

Having a clear view of their strategy and processes, we proposed a roadmap that could describe every step of the way for their digital transformation. In order do to so, we identified the following challenges and responded with fully customized solutions:

Process Redesign

Process Redesign

The brand’s digital strategy was not consistent, so we did a process redesign to provide a quality customer care service.

Tool Configuration

Tool Configuration

To support this new process, we researched and implemented the best system, an omnichannel tool that could optimize the data insights

Engagement Strategy

Engagement Strategy

Besides, we developed a strategy for the brand to engage with customers, having at its core a customer-centric mindset.

Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Having all the above ready-to-go, we delivered an intensive 9 modules customized social media training to the customer experience.

Social Listening

Social Listening

The client needed to have visibility over their brand when compared to their competitors, so we deliver a monthly report where we analyze insights such as share of voice, customer sentiment, trend analysis.

Ongoing Support

We provided customized support throughout the whole operation and afterward. This allows us to re-align the strategy in case we need it.


The main stakeholders now have a much deeper understanding of the importance of social media customer care and engagement, and how it’s vital to support customized customer experiences.

The tool we picked to support this specific operation has also shown its value by creating not only external, but also an internal communication workflow. The external communication was an obvious value since it’s how the operation does the engagement and reply to the customers on social media. However, internal communication is also very significant since it gives visibility within the team of what is going on with the agent’s team or the supervisors’ team.

Additionally, they have expanded their awareness, presence, engagement, and interactions on social media. Having a new approach to digital engagement with new streamlined workflows and engaging under the same tone of voice with a consistent communication strategy have flourished and improved their reputation on social media.

Regarding social listening, the team monthly provides a full Buzz Monitoring report, so the client can have a full digital picture of what’s being said about the company throughout the social media universe. We analyzed not only their digital presence in terms of earned media, but we also analyze where they stand when compared with their competitors (airlines and bus companies). Praxidia, a Teleperformance company, evaluates customer experience for clients and offers expertise in strategy formulation to meet your company’s goals and objectives with customized solutions. Connect with us today.

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