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Pharmacy channel is called to play a crucial role in the post-COVID-19 phase

Pharmacy channel is called to play a crucial role in the post-COVID-19 phase: a changed context as for needs and attitudes – both for pharmacists and patients. That’s why it takes strategic value, for pharmaceutical Companies, to timely revise and safeguard the relationship with channel partners.

In this upcoming scenario Companies will be given the opportunity to take on the role of facilitator in the transformation phase of how the relationship between pharmacist and patient is managed. Knowing how to rethink languages and tools it will turn critical, including evolving the “traditional/old fashioned” POS engagement levers by adding also digital supports to the Pharmacists, in the end driving benefit for patients’ wellbeing.

Which actions to be taken might also be defined according to specific segmentation criteria, in the aim to best fit to the local target (i.e. “in transit” vs. “residential”) or pharmacist’s attitude (“advisor” vs. “salesman”)

Major factors driving uncertainty

In a context that has become unclear, Pharmacists – namely those independent, not belonging to a retail network – have to face some major challenges, related to:
  • digital gap – skills and tools inadequacy to keep the pace with the changes
  • drop in turnover – caused by lockdown itself but also by an increased caution in non-essential purchases by families, likely to be durable at least in the medium-term competition – big chains are taking advantage by a more structured organization, allowing economies of scale and process efficiency

Raising value from relationship

Praxidia & Teleperformance act as a partner in support of Pharmaceutical Companies in the purpose of generating value and increasing profitability empowering the relationship with Pharmacy Channel by understanding stakeholders’ needs and expectations, and by defining strategic actions accordingly.

Pharmaceutical Companies would benefit from grasping the opportunity to update how the relation with channel partners is managed, by:

  • Taking the role of facilitator in the “pharmacist–patient” relationship
  • Detecting and provide digital and technological tools matching new needs and new CX patterns
  • Supporting in the development of new languages and new engagement levers at Point of Sale
  • Improving sales offer effectiveness and effectiveness, also by adopting segmentation criteria
  • Targeting actions according to potential customers’ profile and type of Pharmacy

Four different stages for an end to end approach for value creation:

  • Listening > understanding new needs and gathering feedbacks by every available touchpoint (human, text, voice, …)
  • Embedding > enriching picture by integrating internal and external data (sell-out, stocks, seasonality, customers’ profile, local demographics, …)
  • Analysing > applying the most appropriate one among our predictive models, we will extract actionable insights and related recommendations as operational consultancy
  • Acting > we will guide you in implementing targeted actions, from Skill development to Engagement digital tools, updating CX to phygital also thanks to AI and/or gamification techniques

The pragmatic/tactic vs prospective /strategical view

A flexible and modular approach can be put in place, depending on the magnitude of the scope to be addressed, and on expected time horizon to do it. Ideally:

  • A pragmatic/tactic approach will be feasible in relation to a targeted and fast intervention need to be addressed in the short term
  • A selective approach can be adopted to guide Companies in upholding competitiveness in a quickly changing scenario in the medium term
  • A prospective/strategic approach will enable to foster retail performance by lastingly engaging channel partners, addressing a broader scope in the long term

Healthcare & Pharma: our expertise

Over 25 years and more than 70 Clients: high-tech, high touch.

Praxidia and Teleperformance believe that the «human touch» is vital to strengthen the connection with the brand at purchase choice stage. This is our focus and our solutions strive for this ultimate goal.

 And it’s by creating a perfect balance between technology & relationship, addressing a memorable and seamless CX, bound to strengthen the bond with Customers, making it distinctive and longlasting.

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