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The Top 3 Reasons Why CX Projects Fail

The thing about customer experience (CX) is that it is a series of experiences and emotions, not a company department. CX is about every single interaction a customer has from first hearing about your product through to purchasing it and then staying in touch with the brand. Yet CX strategy is often designed as if it is little more than a strategy for managing the contact centre.

Is it any surprise that so many CX initiatives fail? In this Harvard Business Review (HBR) research the authors summarise three key failures of corporate CX initiatives:

  1. They are not designed with change or innovation in mind.
  2. They have “soft” metrics rather than real business goals.
  3. They move slowly and without purpose.

The broad mistake is really that you cannot launch a CX initiative and expect behaviour throughout your organisation to suddenly change. When you were just managing a contact centre, perhaps a plan backed by a few managers could change how your company offered service to customers, but in the present environment CX requires a much more holistic approach.

Thinking further about the three main mistakes listed by HBR, I would suggest these comments and ideas as a response:

  1. Ignoring change and innovation; your business processes will need to change to support an improved CX, but it’s important to note that the customer journey and customer expectations will change faster than your corporate strategy. It’s essential to work with a CX partner that can design a flexible approach to CX that can be adjusted as customer expectations change. You need to be continuously aware of how the customer journey looks and how it might be changing.
  2. Linking metrics to business outcomes; Praxidia is focused on ROI and works with ROI-based solutions, but we can monitor economic ROI separately from the CX ROI so you can build Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that really help to achieve business improvement through CX investment.
  3. Moving slowly and without real purpose; services such as the Praxidia Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) are quick to deliver and give real-time results so your team can update the CX strategy with confidence.

There are many reasons why a project or strategy fails, but when we look at CX projects these are the three main problems that occur repeatedly. However, taking a data-driven approach with a strong focus on ROI is possible – you can take a new approach with a trusted advisor so your CX project changes the business and leads to CX success.

Let me know what you think about these points from the HBR research by leaving a comment here or get in touch direct via my LinkedIn.

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