Getting Your Customer Journey in Shape for Fitness Fanatics

With the rise of social media, people strive to improve themselves every year—better shape, better nutrition, and better style. Hashtags #Fitspo and #Fitspiration are heavily used on social media platforms, and they come with posts on different exercises, workout OOTDs, tips on healthy living, and clean food. This is because majority of Fitness Fanatics, as they are called, are ambitious and image-focused young adults with full-time employment. 

GlobalWebIndex Q1 2018 Base: 14,867 Fitness Fanatics aged 16-64
GlobalWebIndex Q1 2018 Base: 14,867 Fitness Fanatics aged 16-64

Social media is also the main platform where Fitness Fanatics follow brands, actors, bloggers, or influencers they believe will help them be more active in life and reach their fitness goals.  With how engaged Fitness Fanatics are with brands on social, the space is quickly becoming a content hub for them.


Presence in Search + Social = Online Purchase


According to the recent results of Global Web Index, an average Fitness Fanatic spends 2 hours and 26 minutes on social media daily. It is through this platform that they have an awareness of brands that speak to them. Before making a purchase, Fitness Fanatics would do research and would also seek an expert’s opinion, such as blogs about the product or online influencers using it.


When it comes to purchasing, Fitness Fanatics are enthusiastic online shoppers. 82% of respondents made purchases online, with mobile being the primary device ahead of PC/laptops.

But, what makes these fanatics buy a product online instead of visiting a shop?


Purchase Drivers Make for Better Customer Journey


Customers want to see added values that can influence them into purchasing a product or service, and Fitness Fanatics are no different.


They want free shipping and markdowns. Free delivery, coupons, and discounts are the biggest drivers on making an online purchase as Fitness Fanatics are young adults who love meaningful interactions, value their time, and want to get a reward for being a loyal buyer.


They like convenience. Fitness Fanatics lead busy lives and they will buy from brands that could make their purchase journey convenient. An easy returns policy lets customers know that the brand is willing to go the extra mile to ensure convenience for any purchase.


They look for endorsement on social media before making a purchase. Customer reviews, whether positive or negative, affect purchase decisions. Brands with great reviews get more buyers and companies that address issues with their product or service gain loyal followers.


They also value exclusivity and status, and are willing to be loyal in return. Fitness Fanatics turn into repeat customers with the right incentive. Loyalty points let them know that the brand values them as a consumer and gives them a reason to make a repeat purchase.

Fig 6
Fig 7

Source: GlobalWebIndex Q1 2018 Base: 14,867 Fitness Fanatics aged 16-64

A great example is Nike, a brand which is winning in social media and the hearts of the market. Based on Global Web Index’s result, 49% of respondents made an online purchase from Nike in the last 1-2 years. This brand has a well-known slogan, logo, and brand presence. It is a top brand for every Fitness Fanatic since they have aspirational and relatable content on social media. It also took advantage of the growing potential for social commerce since the brand announced its plans to sell its goods through Instagram back in 2017. This move enables consumers to shop without leaving the app.

This brand also heavily engages with their online followers and even created an exclusive community, not just online but even in the “real” world using meetups in several locations where they invited top influencers to share lifestyle tips and even do exercises together.   

Fit in Your Customer’s Purchasing Journey


Whether your brand is targeting Fitness Fanatics or not, you can always use online channels to drive sales. Keep in mind that competition is already on social, and you must do your best to stand out and be considered by your target market.


To be successful in creating awareness, driving sales, and building loyalty among customers, brands should invest heavily on data analytics and technology to come up with online marketing strategies that will capture the interests of their audience.


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