We have all heard about e-commerce but... have you heard about c-commerce?

Facebook just unleashed a new article where it talks about the next big thing – conversational commerce. People are engaging more and more into messaging apps, embracing it fully while at the same time shopping online. This new generation of consumers is not worried just about shopping – they actually want to talk about it. So can these two be combined?

“When asked where they engage in c-commerce, half of the buyers say they do so primarily through social media and messaging platforms. And 90% of those actions take place on Facebook platforms (#Facebook, #Messenger, #WhatsApp or #Instagram).” → https://lnkd.in/dgceVMC

C-shopping is becoming more and more common: either to ask the seller for more pictures of the product, to get more confident about the purchase itself, or even ask for fashion tips or for specific merchandise. People are no longer limited to the online cart – they also want to talk about it. That’s why it is so important to invest in your social media channels and give your brand a proper personality; the tone of voice, for instance, is crucial to create your brand personality – it’s your brand’s voice. How it speaks will influence your audience perception about its personality and it will ultimately dictate if your customers relate or not to its values. It’s not only about the perception people have of what they see on offline and online communication – they want to hear your brands’ voice. 

So how will the brands unlock this behavior trend? Can brands adapt and adjust to this new reality of c-commerce? Is the market ready to be answering these eager and loud consumers?

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