Businesses Rely on AI for Content Moderation

Should Businesses Rely on AI for Content Moderation?

Humans, along with AI, are going to be considered heroes who save us from the toxic online world.

A decade ago, masses of people started to adopt social media as part of their everyday lives. These channels opened a new world of connectivity for everyone. Even geography was no longer a factor in reaching out to others who have the same passion or belief, and groups were formed for them to share their views about a common interest.

As social media changed the way people socialize, it also made an immense impact on businesses.  To keep up with the changes, they transformed their business strategies and went online. They found ways to reach out to their customers anytime and interact and listen to the needs of their customers. 

The online world became a “Branded Collaborative Platform” for brands to promote their products, provide support, and foster loyalty. This new platform had been an easy and inexpensive way to reach out to their customers. However, the digital world also brought a huge challenge to every business as it became a large place where anyone can say anything – most of the time hidden behind a troll – and there are no clear barriers against hate speech, cyberbullying, security threats, and lewd messages.

With this challenge, tech companies designed content moderation to provide a barrier and make social media platforms a safe place for content to be created and consumed.  Content moderation technology, such as AI-based text and speech analytics, can automatically analyze if the content posted by the user is allowed based on the pre-existing rules of the brand. Not only does it assist in moderating existing content, but it also has the potential to prevent unfavorable posts from appearing in the first place.

But can companies fully trust these tools to create a safe place for the community and their brands?

As an institution that promotes technological innovation, Teleperformance still recognizes the importance of human intervention through content moderators to keep the online community healthy and thriving.  This is because technologies are limited to text and speech analytics and would sometimes fail to detect if a visual or video is harmful. As certain rules and standards are set within a group, content moderators can help create a positive culture and let online members feel that they are valued.

These content moderators, along with technology, could help businesses set the tone of the online community, immediately identify issues, foster self-governance, encourage collaboration, curate content, and, most of all, minimize risks.


Blending technology with human interaction, content moderation will help create a safer and more positive social environment for everyone. It will even reduce the risk of customers seeing offensive content, which might lead to bullying, violence, or even terrorism. Content moderation will even prevent bullies or trolls from taking advantage of the brand online. This is a way for businesses to protect their brand while continuing to interact with their consumers.

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