Customer Experience Transformation Program

Taking an objective and customer centric approach to transformation; defining the optimal balance between customer experience and profitability

The age of automation is upon us, and once again digital transformation is the buzz of the customer service industry as providers scramble to define new ‘AI’ empowered operating models.

However, as we marvel at the cost reduction potential presented through automation it is critical that a firm grip is maintained on the ‘rudder’ of customer experience.

At Praxidia we understand the diverse nature of customer preference and behaviour, with each customer persona demanding a different omnichannel service experience. Failure to listen and embrace these nuances can often result in low brand advocacy and churn.

The Praxidia CX Transformation program enables clients to adopt a customer centric and data driven approach to change, ensuring that every step of the transformation journey is right for both the business and its customers.

The modular nature of every Praxidia program enables the creation of a bespoke program of activities to address the individual values, goals and strategy of every client’s business. Existing programs, insights and analysis can be easily augmented within the program to ensure strategic continuity.

The diagram below outlines the key modular components of the Praxidia CX Transformation program:

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