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Employee Management Program

A data driven approach to employee lifecycle management, from recruitment through to retention

As customer service providers scramble to strategize over the potential for digitalization, AI and automation it can be all to easy to lose focus of the evolving nature of human-to-human interactions.

The traditional role and persona of customer service agents is set to shift, as contact centers re-define agent activities to complement and augment digital solutions. New hires will be selected upon their ability to nurture customer loyalty and generate new value with every interaction.

Agents will become your ‘brand ambassadors’, with increasing hiring emphasis placed upon their soft-skills and persona. In this augmented world, man and machine are set to work together in harmony, as machines provide essential customer behaviour foresight upon which agents can act.

The Praxidia Employee Management Program provides a data driven approach to managing the lifecycle of every employee; providing the ability to identify, recruit and ultimately retain agents who will be able to represent the values of your brand in this new world.

Praxidia’s end-to-end transformative approach blends 40 years of best-practice applied experience in contact center agent management with cutting edge Enterprise Dialogue Management (EDM) and Predictive Analytics technology.

The program provides a complete end-to-end solution, with a bespoke design to suit the individual business challenges and market nuances of every Praxidia client.

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