Operational Best Practice Program | Praxidia

Operational Best Practice Program

Defining next generation operating models; blending best in class process, policy, people and technology

The Praxidia Operational Best Practice Program provides an objective analysis and overhaul of the customer service environment; optimizing processes, policies, technology and people to bring them into alignment with global industry best practices.

The diagram below outlines the key modular components of the Operational Best Practice Program:

All change initiatives come together to form a new ‘Target Operating Model’ for the operation, with a detailed roadmap of activities, each carefully prioritized based upon effort, feasibility and value impact. Change initiatives can then be driven at pace through a strict governance and change process, ensuring that the maximum value is delivered within the shortest possible timeframe.

The transformation journey begins with a thorough expert analysis of the operational environment and self-service eco-system, unearthing opportunities to reduce cost, increase revenue and reduce risk. Each opportunity is presented alongside actionable recommendations for change, supported with robust business case forecasts and impact analysis.

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