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Voice of the Customer Program

360 degree listening: Shaping your brand and service strategy around the needs and demands of your market

Today customers have an abundance of mechanisms through which they can regularly vocalize their advocacy, feedback or dissent for brands, products and services.

Access and interpretation of this intelligence is critical if brands are to continuously optimize their offerings and experience in accordance with market demands. However, access to this intelligence can prove challenging, often combining structured and unstructured data residing both within and outside of the ‘official’ customer service ecosystem.

The Praxidia Voice of the Customer (VoC) program provides a mechanism through which customer opinion, preference, sentiment and feedback can be aggregated into a ‘single source of truth’ insights dashboard.

The VoC program can be commissioned in isolation or as an ongoing managed service, with VoC insights providing an excellent springboard to other end-to-end digital transformation programs from Praxidia.

The scope of VoC program is custom designed in accordance with the mechanisms that are appropriate and available to the client’s customer base.

The diagram below outlines the key components of the VoC program:

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