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Phygital CX

A solution for the (re)design of customer experience, synergistically combining Teleperformance Knowledge Services skills to create a tailor-made service that can be integrated with the client’s organisation for a design that will deliver measurable results and continuous improvement.

Intelligent Automation

Companies are searching for ways to streamline operations. One way to do it is to use Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Interaction Analytics

TP Interact – because every interaction matters. Our omni-channel speech and text interaction analytics solution deploying AI and machine learning to correlate data from the entire customer journey, classifying the CX, providing brand intelligence and predicting outcomes

Human Experience Innovation

A suite of blended tools – empowered by our network of selected partnerships where needed – to keep your Company, Employees and Managers aligned to the new context

Enterprise Dialog Management

360-degree Voice of the Customer programme: shaping your brand and service strategy around the needs and demands of your market. Teleperformance Knowledge Services Dialogue to generate value from any customer feedback.

AI Analytics

Advanced analytics can empower you to craft strategies for assured business benefits. We help you deliver a consistent and personalised Customer Experience based on insights into customers across several touchpoints.

Market Research 4.0

A resolute shift from support to action. MRs as creators of actionable insights aimed at generating measurable and tangible value, based on observation, analysis and interpretation of the behaviour of individuals in real/realistic environments.

Contact Center Optimization

A strategy that offers companies the evaluation, improvement and afterward tracking of the Contact Centre performances of the service provided, through Operational Assessment, Customer Experience re-Design, Agile Delivery and Analytics monitoring phases.

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