Enterprise Dialog Management

360-degree Voice of the Customer programme: shaping your brand and service strategy around the needs and demands of your market. Teleperformance Knowledge Services Dialogue to generate value from any customer feedback.

Today’s customers have an abundance of mechanisms through which they can regularly vocalise their advocacy, feedback or dissent for brands, products and services.

Access to and interpretation of this intelligence is critical if brands are to continuously optimise their offerings and experience in accordance with market demands.

However, access can prove challenging, as it often involves combining structured and unstructured data residing both within and outside the “official” customer service ecosystem.

Therefore, in today’s environment it is crucial that all businesses in every industry can generate value by improving CX and enhancing value-creating behaviour by customers and acting on the operational levers of every single interaction.

The skills required for successful execution of an EFM programme therefore go well beyond the implementation and operation of a CX platform.

These include but are not limited to research (survey design, sampling, analysis), consultancy/change management and IT. Teleperformance Knowledge Services has developed these skills over a period of more than 40 years in a professional customer dialogue environment, gaining unmatched experience in the area.


 Our response is the Teleperformance Knowledge Services Dialogue solution – our Enterprise Feedback and Dialogue Management Solution combining consulting services, measurement design and deployment, online dynamic reporting and change management.

We provide not only a platform but an end-to-end approach for CX management on three dimensions:

  • The technology, through the platform itself
  • The professional services needed to run the platform (including pre-set up assessment, survey design and execution)
  • Consulting to distil insights from the data, drive change and produce ROI with the solution (in all phases including intake, programme design, deployment, etc.)

Our Vision of the Customer Experience is rooted in the Value Chain Principle, and all Teleperformance Knowledge Services solutions have the ultimate goal of generating measurable value for the client.

Our solution drives operations towards excellence by systematically correlating Customer experience to the operation levers on the one hand and to Customer behaviour and value creation / destruction on the other.

Examples of value chain components


Impact on >

  • Brand
  • Product / service
  • Price
  • Process elements
  • Process Quality metrics
  • Touchpoint metrics
    • Customer Service levers:
    • Agent, team and supervisor
    • Staffing
    • SL
    • Skills / routing
    • Queue|Talk|A
    • W times
    • Scripts


Impact on >

Measured via:
  • Transactional Surveys
  • Relational Surveys
  • Customer Journey Surveys
  • Social media
  • Sentiment analysis
  • – …

  • – CX KPIs:
    – NPS
    – CES
    – CSAT
    – Perceived FCR


Impact on >

  • Purchase / Trial
  • Up-selling
  • Cross-selling
  • Positive WoM
  • Reduced contact rates

  • Complaints
  • Churn / attrition
  • Repeated contacts
  • Product/subscription downgrade
  • Negative Word of Mouth


Impact on >

  • Customer LTV
  • Acquisition value / costs
  • Up-sell margin
  • Cross-sell margin
  • Complaints management costs
  • Retention costs


Teleperformance Knowledge Services Dialogue creates value by supporting CX management in two ways:

  • With the outer loop, top down initiatives are implemented to re-design CX processes around customer perception (feedback is analysed, root causes identified and operational levers for satisfaction optimised). These process transformations are activated company-wide via periodic workshops with our CX experts and reported on the platform for all outer loop projects, whose effect on CX KPIs is systematically measured
  • With the inner loop, an immediate reaction to detractors & dissatisfied parties is defined before the customer value deteriorates, thereby generating a measurable ROI. Action plans, triggered by CX-metrics or text analytics, and based on the inner loop are managed on the platform, and their progress monitored.

Ultimately, Dialogue capability to integrate behavioural models that can predict customer moves, and consequently trigger action plans that anticipate customer needs, will lead the client organisation to transform simple feedback management into fully proactive Dialogue management.


Become the first European brand in terms of customer and employee advocacy by 2020, monetise CX and engage the whole organisation in Customer Centricity

EFM Praxidia Dialogue solution to measure and manage CX, collect mitigation actions and implement Change Management

Improve performance thanks to an efficient inner and outer loop process managed directly on the platform

+15 Points in the NPS SCORE


Implement a process for CX management starting from customer feedback and engaging the whole organisation in Customer Centricity

Provide a single datamart to cover all the touchpoints – all transactions from all channels flow to the Dialogue DB. A fully customised set of action plans with top-down business rules and processes was co-designed by the client and Praxidia consultants.

The improvement cycle activated on the platform at the customer service and physical network agent and team level resulted in

-20% dissatisfied customers, +6 persons/yr NPS and +8% FCR on voice channel

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