Human Experience Innovation

Teleperformance Knowledge Services Human Experience Innovation:  a suite of blended tools – empowered by our network of selected partnerships where needed – to keep your Company, Employees and Managers aligned to the new context

2020 will be a year remembered as the driver of a deeply altered environment: not only in relation to increasing uncertainty, but also in terms of the unavoidable need to recover profitability and generate new efficiency under completely different working dynamics.

HR trends for the near future will involve most tasks being entirely or partially automated, consequently creating space for people to do “MORE MEANINGFUL WORK”, operate mainly “BY OBJECTIVES” and work “REMOTELY”.

The main challenges for proactively addressing HR Innovation will include the following:

  • the difficulty in defining a strategy combining current needs with a long-term perspective
  • the urgent need to develop an ability to read the context correctly, “connecting the dots” and anticipating changes
  • the pressing need for an effective conflict management mode that effectively recognises and capitalises on emotions
  • the need to develop a “gym” space to experiment with new skills and explore the value and potential of digital tools
  • the need to acquire facilities for the exchange and sharing of best practices in Remote Work contexts

Overall, the perfect match for planning the best engagement strategies will involve a blend of three main dimensions:

Wellbeing – targeted welfare and incentive programmes 1:1 (segmentation based)

Reskilling – knowledge sharing and upskilling programmes, relocation (where needed) according to individual potential

Belonging – generate close bonding through continuous listening and managing feedback

Companies are already facing the need for new ways of engagement and more flexibility; it is therefore increasingly necessary to update HR activities in order to:

  • properly manage corporate communications to realign and execute swift decisions. Launch of upskilling and reskilling initiatives to adapt to new expectations through relevant microlearning
  • guide employees towards the creation of productive habits in their work-from-home routines, instilling a higher level of personal accountability through goals alignment
  • drive a cultural shift for managers to become work -from-home managers and coachers who engage teams in a personalised and proactive manner, prioritising the wellbeing of employees


 Our response to the above skills needs is the new Teleperformance Knowledge Services Human Experience Innovation, pooling its Innovation expertise with two other Teleperformance Knowledge Services centres for Human Experience management and optimisation.

Human Experience Innovation – comprising tools and methodologies to reinvent, design and execute a change management programme with a human focus for smart organisation through diverse approaches according to clients’ needs:

  • Design Thinking & Journey Mapping
  • HR Research / Employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Change Management & Organisational Redesign
  • Training & Knowledge Management

The above may also be empowered by supplementary Teleperformance Knowledge Services competences such as:

  • Human Dialogue Management – the 360° optimisation and transformational approach to smart organisation, driving proactive and reactive, company-wide and 1:1 actions


  • Augmented Human – a set of technological tools to automate manual human tasks and processes, by gamifying learning solutions and by empowering and engaging employees


To shape and introduce new ways of working, the Teleperformance Knowledge Services approach ideally adopts a four-step process:

RESEARCH & INSIGHTS MODELLING: Collecting insights on the state of the art of employee experiences, through tailored VoE surveys, observation and focus groups

ALIGNMENT & STRATEGY DEFINITION: Identifying strategic principles and initiatives (quick wins vs transformation) to define the actions that need to be put in place

IDEATION & CONCEPTING through online coaching and innovative design virtual sessions, to develop new ideas and solutions suited to your company culture

 MONITORING & LEARNING: To support the implementation of changes, monitor effectiveness and develop a continuous improvement mindset

Alongside the above, a set of blended tools in collaboration with our network of selected partners allows Praxidia to empower its solution by designing specific modules such as:

  • One-shot and recurring VoE and engagement surveys
  • Smart and gamified e-learning modules
  • Digital tools for diagnostics and monitoring of actions taken, complemented by business consultancy and benchmarks
  • Online and in-presence individual & team coaching sessions
  • Interactive virtual and in-presence rooms and focus groups to share ideas

The Praxidia Human Experience Innovation can be adopted flexibly, according to scope breadth and available resources and timings.

Three different offer layers are defined thus:

  1. QUICK

for intervention in urgent and punctual organisational needs.

Quick provides a path for rapid assessment of moments that matter and a focus on understanding the key factors that impact employee engagement, with immediate actions to solve them.


to increase competitiveness and keep up with change.

Competitive is the path offering a structured assessment, outside-in benchmarking, big ideas development through service design thinking and a tailored skills development programme


to boost organisational performance and potential.

Pioneering is the path offering a structured assessment, cross-sector benchmarking, big ideas development, change management success support and continuous improvement


An international tobacco company engaged in the manufacturing and sales of cigarettes, associated electronic devices and accessories

The customer wanted to design a CX Intelligence Ecosystem in order to address a specific business challenge or opportunity and to discover previously unknown or unquantified information

Consulting & Analytics methods were put in place to design a closed loop mechanism (workflow) to trigger outer loop (processes) and inner loop (1-2-1) actions based on insight generation and to work on improvement opportunities within the broader business as well as in individual interactions.

The solution included the creation of a system architecture design and a prototype/MVP (Minimum Viable Product) solution i.e. EWS (Early Warning System) and VOF (Voice of the Floor) 

20% increase in employee experience estimated in pilot phase of VOF deployment

15% drop in customer effort estimated in pilot phase of EWS deployment


Public Sector

Improve Productivity, CSAT Surveys count & Customer Interaction entries

Datagames gamification platform used to drive desired user behaviours and business outcomes.

CSAT surveys increased by 30% with 1% improvement in the score

Improvement in capturing interaction in CRM with accurate instructions; performance improved by 10% in the first month.

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