Interaction Analytics

TP Interact – because every interaction matters. Our omni-channel speech and text interaction analytics solution deploying AI and machine learning to correlate data from the entire customer journey, classifying the CX, providing brand intelligence and predicting outcomes

Industry-specific business solutions for maximising sales and retention, operational improvements and compliance.

 Our Interaction Analytics solution, TP Interact, helps to improve overall customer service experience and operations by removing “hidden” support costs, and can also assist companies in enhancing their bottom line, increasing customer retention and loyalty and boosting overall sales effectiveness

TP Interact combines a pragmatic/tactical approach focused on quality and cost efficiency with a strategic policy, leveraging the interaction analysis to completely transform operations and create new value drivers. Our Interaction Analytics services offer combines cutting-edge technology, professional services for the platform set-up, data analysis and CX & process consulting support.


We at Teleperformance Knowledge Services have developed a framework for language-specific business applications for the English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese markets, thereby accelerating time to value and achieving business case ROI. 

Our value is enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) inherent in the platform that defines what is being discussed in conversations and predicts what will be discussed in future interactions.

The platform captures every contact; voice calls, web chat, SMS, emails, social media and transforms the conversation into machine readable text data that is redacted for privacy, classified, tagged, weighted and scored, producing near-real-time brand intelligence.


Change Management Consulting – most organisations are flooded with reports and data.  Our value is our business case ROI approach to analytics.  We monetise trends precisely, analysing 100% of all interactions across all channels.  We prioritise change based on fact data and economics.  We manage the change and measure its success to the business.

Our managed analytics and consulting services operate as an extension of your core operations. We work with your organisation, combining our analytics experience, expertise and leadership with your brand and industry knowledge.   


What does a 1% increase in sales conversionmean to you?

What does a 1% increase in average deal size mean to your bottom line?

What does a 1% decrease in churn do to help maintain revenue?

Our pre-built applications are designed to provide answers.

Teleperformance Knowledge Services offers pre-built industry applications through our hosted managed analytics and consulting services. 

Our applications often deploy in 30 to 45 days as there is no IT, CapX, no hw/sw build-out, licensing or maintenance, resourcing, hiring, or training.  We do all the heavy lifting – so you don’t have to.

We feature our CX Brand Intelligence suite of applications designed for sales, retention, and near-real-time understanding of the relationship between your brands and customers.  We score customer satisfaction and likelihood to recommend from conversational and sentiment analysis.

Our Agent Performance Analytics suite is designed to digitise and transform the legacy manual QA process of random selection using small sample sizes to cast wide assertions relating to KPIs and key business decisions. 

We score 100% of all interactions, for all lines of business, with all agents, all the time.  Your will never miss your next most important interactions.  

Our Coaching application accelerates agent performance through an interactive intuitive closed training interface between the supervisor and agent.  


Increase inbound sales

The customer is an airline that offers payment cards from a financial institution. With TP Interact it was able to identify “eligible” calls for sales, guide the agent in proposing the offer to the client and keep the conversion rate stable. Despite the increase in the proposal rate, sales remained satisfactory

Introduction of a speech analytics solution to track and improve the agent credit card offer rate performance. Interaction Analytics created a category targeting calls where the credit card had/had not been offered and added the Automated Credit Card Offer score in the Coach Dashboard

The offer proposal rate tripled from 4.5% to 12.3% in nine months

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