Phygital CX

A solution for the (re)design of customer experience, synergistically combining Teleperformance Knowledge Services skills to create a tailor-made service that can be integrated with the client’s organisation for a design that will deliver measurable results and continuous improvement.

Companies need to provide different options and modes of interaction to existing and potential customers, in order to meet an ever-increasing demand for an omnichannel experience that is consistent with the expectations arising from brand choice.

This is why we need to work on “phygital” CX to simplify interactions between companies and customers, thus adding value to contact time and gaining a positive return from the resulting actions.


To achieve these results, is it is essential to:

  • create a customised experience for each single customer
  • calibrate the value proposition, adapting it to the context and to constantly changing demands
  • adopt a holistic approach and a responsible outlook while also maintaining or building a good reputation and working towards business sustainability
  • enhance customer value and active promotion (advocacy and brand ambassadors)


Teleperformance Knowledge Services can support companies throughout the Phygital transformation process:


Throughout the dialogue with internal stakeholders, to analyse and define the scenario:

  • CJ mapping and identification of critical areas
  • Tribes (size and profile) and related CJ for preferential touchpoints
  • Scope and business requirements


During the design stage (design thinking, safari, shadowing, UX testing), when creativity, analysis and experience come into play, a stage of the process that yields the best solution for optimising processes in terms of Journey and the tools for the various Tribes.

The possible outputs from this module include the Project Plan, Technical Design Document, Business Case, Prototype, Storyboard and Sprint.


During the development and production of specific tools, when the deployment of the model is taken over by the technological infrastructure organisation for the creation of a ready-to-use solution. 


During performance monitoring, when activities such as root cause analysis, immediate surveys on specific journeys/touchpoints, EDM and Interaction Analytics ensure the continuous updating and improvement of the adopted solution with an effective close-the-loop process (action plan & strategic improvement).


  • Need Based Segmentation
  • Enrichment
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Competitive Assessment


  • Design Thinking
  • CX Path Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Content Creation


  • Process & Transaction Mapping
  • CX Path Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Content Creation


  • Voice of the Customer
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Performance Check
  • Change Management, Continuous Improvement  & Success Management

In conclusion, in order to achieve an effective Phygital CX in line with the values of the company and of its buyer personas, it is essential to adopt a strategic approach and a broad and forward-looking vision for customer satisfaction and active promotion.


The system was generating repeated calls that led to long resolution times, with a significant impact on costs and a negative effect on CX.

Redesign of the Contact Centre Customer Journey

We worked on the CJ, developing a mix of channels to meet the expectations of various customer segments.

Greater efficiency and advocacy


The system used for generating communications about transport timetables was particularly complex and caused process congestion and delays.

Create a new process

We identified the MOT and the critical points in the information delivery process to implement the exchange flow and used different channels to obtain accurate, appropriate and timely data.

Reduced costs and increased user satisfaction

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