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Today, businesses need to have a deep understanding of the world in which they operate

The presence of disruptive companies, changing regulation, the advent of new communication channels and the rise of digital generations are challenging the way business is done.

What can help your business in this competitive environment? providing exceptional omnichannel customer experience strategy?

CX Lab helps you understand: changing behaviours across countries, generations and sectors.

We ask questions about what channels customers love and use, what keeps them loyal, and what makes them brand advocates.

In other words, we bring hard data and insights from end-customers to increase your revenue and growth.

We have created a proprietary database with years of data for a dozen countries and sectors, which allows us to see consumer trends that may impact your business. And we are always looking to expand our breadth of knowledge.

The CX Lab provides insights and thought leadership to out clients in an analytical way. We integrate our analysis every day in customer experience and can combine the know-how and experience of our executives around the world. The CX Lab at Teleperformance is committed to research and is in the cutting edge of using data to improve customer experience.


Custom market research reports available from Praxidia provide essential global insights into customer behaviour and preference.

Report findings can be used to guide or underpin digital transformation strategy.

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