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Market Research

Praxidia’s Market Research solutions cover the entire customer experience cycle by following customers and consumers throughout their experience with brands, products and services

Our ability to recommend and implement positive change helps build brand trust and loyalty along each touch point in the customer experience journey.

Keeping the “customer first” is at the heart of our consultative methodology and solution approach.  Praxidia are at the forefront in data collection, analysis and interpretation that deliver refinement to and optimization of the customer experience.  We specialize in research design and deployment and support a full range of industry verticals.

Praxidia’s tailored solutions support customer experience management for industry verticals that have a direct relationship with their client (Telcos, Financial Services, Utilities, etc.), as well as goods production and distribution verticals (FMCG, Retail, Pharma, etc.) where innovation is the focal point.

We apply highly specialized tools and techniques to design the research and insights based on accuracy of method, business knowledge and innovative analysis.

Our data gathering techniques are at the highest standard of quality driven by a dedicated in-house delivery structure that collects data using a wide range of methods – from traditional (phone, web and personal interviews) to more innovative (passive observations, IOT sources, and social media tools).

Using state-of-the art technologies and procedures, Praxidia manages on an international level the end to end process of market research and insights activity from our specialized hubs.


At every stage of the customer lifecycle Praxidia’s Marketing Insights solutions provide extraordinary and focused knowledge to guide sound improvement recommendations and profitable decision making

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