Transformation Consulting

Expert strategic and tactical guidance to help you navigate the digital transformation minefield

The Praxidia Transformation Consulting service has been designed to steer businesses through the pitfalls of the end-to-end digital transformation process, from discovery through to deployment.

The Praxidia transformation consulting team apply decades of market experience spanning a wide variety of disciplines including:

  • Transformation governance
  • Omni-channel assessments
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Target Operating Models
  • Technology deployment
  • AB Trials
  • Business Case development
  • Knowledge management
  • Process engineering
  • Change management
  • Omni-channel Automation
  • Value Tracking

Consulting services are available for short transformation ‘calibration’ and steering projects or as an integral part of an end-to-end Praxidia digital transformation program.

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