Customer experience has never been so valuable
and so challenging

As of January 1, 2021, Praxidia became Teleperformance Knowledge Services, consolidating its role as a Customer Experience consultancy company within the Teleperformance group. TP Knowledge Services helps companies design and deliver Customer EXperience strategy, measuring the impacts and value generated by each choice. By integrating data, internal KPIs, feedback, and behavior, our services enable the value of CX to be monetized for measurable ROI. In the institutional field, TP Knowledge Services is a reliable partner of institutes, research organizations, universities, and public administrations, nationally and internationally, conducting important surveys and scenario surveys.

The most important advantages of Teleperformance Knowledge Service:

a. Practical ideas backed up by real experience across the entire customer experience ecosystem.

b. Sophisticated consultancy techniques for identifying issues and recommending solutions.

c. Over 20 years of experience in data analytics to provide prescriptive fact based solution.

d. Digital transformation as a key service leveraging all relevant technologies including automation.



Paolo Righetti

Chief Executive Officer

Paolo is Teleperformance Knowledge Service global leader. He set up an Analytics company in 1990 and joined the Teleperformance Group in 1996 as Head of Research and Customer Experience Analysis. His deep passion for innovation based on artificial intelligence and his work reflect the spirit of the company as an organisation based on intelligent and agile learning, focusing on business transformation and guiding customers from uncertainty to knowledge and value.


Gianluca Bilancioni

Chief Financial Officer

Gianluca heads the financial operations. His extensive operating and financial experience in widely diverse areas and in multicultural professional groups is a concrete expression of his change-oriented personality, his realistic optimism when presented with opportunities and his expertise in communication and negotiation. He is a self-starter, driven by a deep passion for everything he does. He loves learning and sees new opportunities as a source of inspiration and a path to continuous improvement.

Emmanuel Simonet

Chief Commercial Officer, France

Emmanuel is in charge of sales development in France. He has been engaging in Customer Experience management for over 15 years, leading large teams (IT, Marketing, CRM), advising senior executives (C-level) and supervising ambitious omnichannel programmes (digitisation, anti-churn, etc.). His customer and business focus and his extensive knowledge of multidisciplinary workgroup management allows him to optimise his efforts in order to quickly achieve concrete and measurable results.


Gabriele Albani

Chief Operating Officer - Global Head of AI Analytics

Gabriele is responsible for Predictive Analytics solutions at Teleperformance Knowledge Service Italia. For over twenty years he has worked in consulting and BPO, dealing with operations, IT and customer management. His aptitude for teamwork, his enthusiasm and his dynamic personality combine with a constructive, methodical and determined outlook – these are the characteristics that have helped him achieve ambitious goals, with proven and solid results obtained through the implementation of successful Customer Experience initiatives.


Steve Ruszczyk

Global Head of Speech & Text Analytics

Steve is head of the speech and text analytics area. He has been a leading expert for over 25 years in the design and architecture of integrated multi-operator solutions that optimise operational performance, improve customer experience and produce measurable results. His work is based on the use of advanced analytical technologies for voice, text and data analysis, aimed at understanding digital process interactions, behaviours and flows, as well as the role of analytical data in the redefinition of business strategies.

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